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Since 2004 now our company has been running tests aimed at checking whether the blueberries propagated by us are free of viruses significantly hampering their growth. These tests are performed at the Laboratorium Wojewódzkiego Inspektoratu Ochrony Roślin i Nasiennictwa in Krakow, Poland. Moreover, since 2007 our plant material has been additionally examined by Agdia Incorporated, USA.

The research material is taken and marked by a duly trained staff.

The research is made to see whether the plant samples contain the following viruses:

Blueberry leaf mottle virus,
Blueberry scorch virus,
Blueberry shock virus,
Blueberry shoestring virus,
Peach rosette mosaic virus,
Tobacco ringspot virus,
Tomato ringspot virus.

The health of 35 varieties of the blueberry propagated by us has been examined.

The material under research did not show the presence of any of the above mentioned viruses.

Such tests will be run annually in order to confirm the health of the plant material offered by our company.

Updated on: 2019-09-20

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