Our offer

The names of new plants - are printed in red letters.
Our seedlings are offered only in bulk buying, in the following sizes and quantities:

  • in Styrofoam M-90 plugtray – size: 31 cm x 53 cm x 4.5 cm – 90 plants from cultivar in each – plant height 4-8 cm – many cultivars already nicely branched (blueberry branched at its base),

  • in PCV M-84 plugtray – size: 31 cm x 53 cm x 8 cm – 84 plants from cultivar in each

  • in PCV M-60 plugtray – size: 31 cm x 52 cm x 7 cm – 60 plants from cultivar in each,

  • in PCV M-40 plugtray – size: 30 cm x 50 cm x 11.5 cm – 40 plants from cultivar in each;

  • in p9 pots

- licensed and protected cultivars in pots p9 - available in:

ul. Zbyszka z Bogdańca 16
31-979 Kraków

nursery’s main office:
Muniakowice 100
32-090 Słomniki
GPS: 50°17'31"N, 20°06'59"E

sales department
tel.: +48 12 643-15-20
e-mail: biuro@in-vitro.pl

tel.: +48 12 388-92-77
e-mail: sekretariat@in-vitro.pl

We kindly inform you that on 21.03.2016, the Sales Department of the GOTK was moved to Muniakowice near Słomniki. The goods ordered can now be collected solely at our new location at 100 Muniakowice, 32-090 Słomniki. You are welcome to visit our new headquarters.

- remaining assortment of plants in pots p9 - available in:

Gospodarstwo Ogrodnicze Waganowice
Paulina Kusibab-Popowicz
i Mirosław Popowicz SC
Waganowice 44a
32-090 Słomniki
tel.: +48 12 442-60-50
GPS: 50o14’15”N, 20o08’43”E
e-mail: biuro@gowsc.pl


Gospodarstwo Ogrodnicze Aleksandra Kusibab-Wyka
i Marcin Wyka
Prandocin Iły 88a
32-090 Słomniki
tel.:+48 12 385-79-44; 509-937-482
GPS: 50o17’40”N, 20o05’07”E
e-mail: info@goakw.pl

This offer is provided for information purposes only and is not an offer to sell or a solicitation to purchase any articles within the meaning of Art. 66, Paragraph 1., of the Polish Civil Code or other relevant provisions of the law.

The date of the collection must be confirmed to fulfill the order!

Updated on: 2018-12-18

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