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Highbush Blueberry - Southern Cultivars


  • Grows up to 1.5 m high and boasts a tendency to grow dense.
  • It usually keeps the leaves during the resting period.
  • Good pollinator for other cultivars.
  • Firm, medium size, blue fruit with excellent flavor.
  • Yields regularly up to 5 kg per shrub.
  • Chilling time at least 150 hours at the temperature below 7°C.
  • Intended for regions with very mild winters. Cold hardiness -12°C (USDA – zone 8).
available: in plugtrays M-90 from VII 2019

  • American cultivar, University of Arkansas.
  • Average grower (1.6 m) with upright habit.
  • Yields high quality, big (up to 2.4 g) and fleshy fruits which ripen late.
  • In dormancy requires at least 800 hours below 7°C to give a good yield next season.
  • Recommended to home and professional growers.
available: in plugtrays M-84 from VII 2019

  • A medium size upright shrub.
  • Firm, big, round, blue berries which are very tasty, sweet and sweet-and-sour.
  • Chilling time at least 400 hours at the temperature below 7°C. An early cultivar, thoroughly verified, deemed extremely reliable.
  • Until recently considered the most important blueberry cultivar for warm climate.
  • Difficult to propagate.
  • Cold hardiness -18°C (USDA – zone 7a/6b).
available: in plugtrays M-90 from VII 2019
in plugtrays M-84 from VII 2019

Updated on: 2019-07-16

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