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Blackberry cultivars

  • Bred at the University of Arkansas, 1993.
  • Develops stiff upright thornless canes up to 5 m long.
  • Displays white, self-pollinating flowers.
  • Bears big firm shiny black fruits which are sweet and transport tolerant, they ripen in June; individual fruit weighs up to 5 g and its seeds are smaller than those in other brambles.
  • Individual bush can yield a crop of 6-10 kg; bears fruits on biennial canes.
  • Arapaho is legally protected in Germany and Switzerland and we do not sell it to the above countries.
available: in plugtrays M-90 from 2020
in plugtrays M-40 from IX 2019

Black Satin
  • Grows up to 120 cm high, boasts upright sprouts.
  • Blooms in June.
  • Gives attractive big and tasty blackberries.
  • Its fruits ripen in mid-August.
  • Counted as high yielding.
  • Cold hardy.
available: in plugtrays M-90 from VIII 2019
in plugtrays M-40 from IX 2019

Brzezina PBR
  • Bred in Brzezna Ltd. – Fruit Farming Experimental Station of the Institute of Horti- and Floriculture [Sadowniczy Zakład Doświadczalny Instytutu Sadownictwa i Kwiaciarstwa Brzezna, Sp. z o.o.] - by Dr. Jan Danek and Agnieszka Orzeł MSc; obtained by crossing two clones Nos. 90402 and 89403.
  • Vigorous grower.
  • Develops from several to a dozen or so of strong shoots from rootstock and does not produce suckers; its shoots are thornless, smooth and stiff with a gentle arch at the top; yields crop on biennial shoots, which in a vertical cross-section resemble a circle, are green and when branched they often develop numerous fruit-bearing shoots from the buds on the main and side branches; as many as 10 flowers develop on one fruit-bearing shoot.
  • Boasts compound leaves which consist of 5 leaflets, quite broad with strongly toothed margins.
  • Displays big white flowers.
  • Yields big shiny and black berries, good for direct consumption and for fruit processing; firm, hard and tasty.
  • Yields an early crop which can be harvested in the first week of July.
  • Rather not susceptible to frostbite.
  • Protected variety.
available: in plugtrays M-40 from IX 2019

  • Its mature shrub can reach 1.5 m high and across; develops rather erect, free-standing habit.
  • Thornless blackberry cultivar.
  • Gives firm blackberries of excellent eating quality, ripens at the end of July.
  • Needs to be protected from anthracnose, botrytis and verticillium wilt.
  • Suitable for USDA zones 5-8.
available: in plugtrays M-90 from VIII 2019
in plugtrays M-40 from VIII 2019

Columbia Star PBR - New!
  • A thornless, patented blackberry cultivar bred at the Oregon State University, USA.
  • A vigorous grower with lateral sprouts shorter than those in the ‘Chester Thornless’; develops strong fruit bearing sprouts; nevertheless, they require supports.
  • An early variety (usually 50% of its berries ripen about 12 July); produces dark shiny and firm fruits which stay fresh long after harvesting; an individual berry weighs mostly 7.6g - ideal for the fresh fruit market, they boast balanced sweet and sour flavour, rather resistant to damage from heat/light.
  • High yielding (on average bears approximately 6-8kg/bush); gives better crops than the ‘Black Diamond’.
  • Partially cold-hardy, sustains temperatures down to -16°C, so it is not recommended to be grown in the field in Poland; thrives in warmer regions, e.g. in Serbia, and does not require a long period of cold.
available: in pots p9 from IX 2019

Loch Ness
  • Counted as high yielding.
  • Its berries are very big and reach the weight of about 5 g, they are firm and boast glossy skin, taste very well when fully ripe, keep well and endure trade conditions.
  • Its harvesting starts in mid-August and finishes with the first ground frost.
  • High yielding and gives good quality fruit.
  • Exceptionally cold hardy.
available: in plugtrays M-90 from VIII 2019
in plugtrays M-40 from IX 2019

Polar PBR
  • Protected blackberry cultivar, bred in the Fruit Farming Experimental Station in Brzezna, Poland.
  • Develops suckers.
  • Develops thornless canes, up to 10 new ones annually.
  • Desert cultivar, gives black fruits which on average weigh 6.8 g.
  • Its harvesting time starts from the second half of July and lasts till the beginning of September; gives a high yield of up to 2 kg from a single mature shrub.
  • Its flower buds highly resistant to frost; fit for southern Poland.
  • Protected in Poland - COBORU, March 2, 2012, Reg. No. S 590.

Relevant PBR
  • Bred in the Republic of Moldova in 2013.
  • A vigorous, fine looking grower with an erect habit and thornless upright branches, shows a tendency to develop side canes and becomes well-branched in time.
  • Yields large sweet and tart fruits on biennial canes, on average its berries weigh 10 g and are transport tolerant.
  • An early cultivar.
  • Highly resistant to unfavourable climatic conditions when grown in moderately damp soils.
  • Submitted for the CPVO registration, currently under temporary plant protection - application number 20171728.
available: in plugtrays M-90 from VIII 2019
in plugtrays M-40 from VIII 2019
in pots p9 from VIII 2019

Triple Crown
  • Grows quickly and develops stiff sprouts.
  • Bears big and stunning fruits good for both processing and direct consumption.
  • Boasts average time of ripening.
  • Its shrubs mature and bear fruit as a young shrub, they give a considerably high yield.
available: in plugtrays M-90 from 2020
in plugtrays M-40 from IX 2019

Updated on: 2019-08-23

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