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Raspberry cultivars

  • One of the oldest cultivars of black raspberry, still grown on a large scale.
  • Boasts upright growth and dense compact habit.
  • Gives firm, large, good quality berries which are easy to pick without bleeding; they ripen in July and are very good for preserves, jellies and freezing.
available: in plugtrays M-60 from IX 2019

Tulameen (Туламин)
  • Bred in Canada, late summer fruiting raspberry with large fruits.
  • Vigorous grower, develops long sparsely thorned canes (up to 120 or even 180cm in length).
  • Yields large (approximately 7g) elongated berries with meaty and compact pulp, which are shiny intense red in hue and extremely tasty; can be enjoyed raw but also transport tolerant, they boast long shelf life and are good for deep freezing and juices.
  • Bears fruits on biennial canes, gives high crops.
  • Resistant to fungal diseases, moderately susceptible to dying out of sprouts and little susceptible to fruit decay.
available: in plugtrays M-40 !!! while stock lasts

Updated on: 2019-06-18

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