HebanPBR (Black Polka)

Rubus ×neglectus Peck
  • A new variety of purple raspberry which bears fruits on annual canes.
  • Bred as a cross of [(R. occidentalis x R. idaeus L.). x R. idaeus L.] x op (’Polka’, ‘Polana’ and ‘Litacz’).
  • Grows vigorously developing thorny sprouts.
  • Produces dark purple, almost black, shiny and nice fruits with high nutritional values.
  • Harvests possible in two seasons – first (in our field research approximately 11 June) on biennial canes, and then on (in our field research about 24 August) annual canes (1/3 of the harvest).
  • Tolerant of the main raspberry pests and diseases.
  • COBORU – nr S 938; CPVO – Application Number R S938.