Hydrangea quercifolia
  • Grown by Rein and Mark Bulk, Holland, 1995.
  • A moderate grower becoming up to 2 m high and developing not too loose a habit with rather erected stems.
  • Develops quite large, sharply pointed deeply palmate dark green leaves on their bottoms covered with hairs and in shape similar to those of a red oak, they turn claret red in hue in the autumn and stay in the bush for long (even till December).
  • Its flowers are displayed gathered in conical panicles up to 30 cm long which develop on tops of stems; white flowers are barren, four petal and over time become pinkish, those prolific are inconspicuous; blooms from July to August.
  • Prefers fertile soils, moderately wet and slightly acidic.
  • Prefers sunny or half-shaded positions.
  • Should be covered when young, especially in snowless and frosty winters; older Burgundy plants are more cold hardy.