Candy Blue (Lawina)

In production:

w multiplatach M-90
w doniczkach P9
  • Russian variety.
  • Becomes up to 1.6 m high.
  • A moderate grower developing erect, columnar habit; its main branches are elevated and straight.
  • Blooms early.
  • Bears large fruits (average weight 1.7 g, maximum 2.3 g) which are elongated, oval and cylindrical with blunt edges on both ends, one-dimensional; its berries are hard even when fully ripe, extremely good, with a sweet and tart flavour; their sugar content: 16oBrix – according to our tests of 2020; they have a dry stem scar.
  • An early variety.
  • Extremely high yielding; at the age 5-8 years it gives a crop of 3kg from a shrub, maximum 4.7 kg (according to Russian data); its berries ripen at the same time and stay on the shrub, they do not drop off; picking by hand recommended but mechanical harvesting also possible.
  • The variety is covered by temporary legal protection, reported in COBORU under the number TS319.