DIMAPBR (TinyBlack)

  • Early, floricane, dwarf variety, perfectly suitable for pot culture.
  • Variety selected in 2017, in the Republic of Moldova. It is the result of uncontrolled pollination of the variety named ‘Relevant’.
  • The bush is compact, semi-erected, thornless, internodes very short, dwarf growth. The cultivar grows to approx. 50 cm high. The condition for dwarf growth is to plant ‘Dima’ (‘TinyBlack’) in sunny place. Under such growing conditions, the distance between nodes is very short – 11 mm, in semi-shade, the internodes lengthen and plant grows taller. Shading up to two hours a day leads to doubling the average length of the internodes, and grid shading results in increasing the leaf surface, and lengthening the distance between nodes to 35 mm.
  • Leaves are intensely green, but brighter than in the ‘Relavant’ variety.
  • Flowers are white, finer than the ‘Relevant’, they appear generally in spring on stems in the second year (floricane blooming), however some “late” flowers can appear in August on stems which appeared in spring (primocane blooming). Berries ripen on them in September.
  • Fruit black, glossy, firm, egg-shaped, ripen in the second half of July. The weight of a single fruit is about 3.5 g, with a taste similar to the ‘Relevant’ variety – sweet and sour. It fruits on biennial shoots. The fruit characterizes with high anthocyanins content – 75.3 mg / 100 g fresh weight.
  • Pruning of biennial shoots before or at the beginning of the growing season results in new shoots appearing at the base of the plant.
  • Cold hardiness – zone 5a.
  • Variety declared for breeder’s rights protection in CPVO, currently subject to temporary legal protection and entered in the register under application number 20202061.