Leningradskij Velikan

(Lonicera caerulea var. kamtschatica)
  • Originated from Kamchatka.
  • Grows into a bush 170 cm high and 140 cm wide, vigorous grower, easily gets dense.
  • Its fruits are cylindrical or narrowly oval in shape and usually weigh 1.4 g (max 2.0 g), they display blue colour and are covered with waxy bloom, sweet and extremely aromatic in taste; its berries are good for desserts and for deep freezing.
  • They come into ripening in mid-June (Poland); good for both mechanical and manual harvesting but have a slight tendency to drop off. Usually one bush gives 2.5 kg (max 5.0 kg) of berries; on average this variety yields 8.2 t/ha (max 16.5 t/ha).
  • In Muniakowice, (in our nursery) since June 2014 and in Bakchar (Siberia), we have conducted annual examinations for the sugar content in the Blue Honeysuckle berries. The maximum sugar content revealed in those tests equalled 15°Bx (Brix).
  • To get a good crop, one should plant several different varieties one next to another (to enable cross pollination); especially the following varieties are recommended: ‘Morena’, ‘Nimfa’ and ‘Honeybee’.