Magic Eye

In production:

  • ‘Olin O. Dobbs’ x ‘Ballfee’ cross bred by the Joh. Bruns Nursery in 2010.
  • Its flowers display uncharacteristic colour combination.
  • Grows moderately becoming broad, bushy and elevated in habit, and within ten years reaches up to 140 cm high and 160cm across.
  • Develops elliptical, dark green shiny leaves even as long as 13.5 cm.
  • Displays intensely violet flowers with a lime blotch on the upper petal; they are very large, broadly open and funnel-like in shape, and become up to 8.5 cm across, gathered in inflorescences containing even as many as 17 flowers and making a dense and rounded umbel.
  • Blooms from mid-May till the beginning of June.
  • Cold hardy down to -22°C.