(Lonicera caerulea var. kamtschatica)

In production:

  • Bred by Nikolai Vavilov, entered in the State Register of the Russian Federation, 1998.
  • Grows moderately into a bush 150 cm high and 120 cm wide.
  • Gives fruits which usually weigh 1.2 g, are spindle-shaped and violet blue and covered with waxy bloom; in taste they are extremely sweet and aromatic, and score 4.7 pts (on the 0–5 tasting scale).
  • Its fruits come into ripening in mid-June (Poland); good for mechanical and manual harvesting; they show moderate tendency to drop off. Usually one bush yields 2.0 kg of berries; on average this variety yields a crop of 6.6 t/ha.
  • In June 2014, our farm made tests on the sugar content in its fruits, they were conducted on four occasions and their results were the following: in measurement I – 3 June 2014 (16°Bx); in measurement II – 9 June 2014 (17°Bx); in measurement III – 16 June 2014 (16°Bx); in measurement IV – 23 June 2014 (15°Bx) (Brix degrees).
  • To get a good crop, one should plant several different varieties one next to anther (to enable cross pollination); the following varieties are especially recommended: ‘Morena’, ‘Leningradskij Velikan’ and ‘Honeybee’.
  • Good for amateurs.