Common Hoptree (Wafer Ash)

Ptelea trifoliata

In production:

  • A slow grower which becomes a high bush or sparsely branched tree reaching 5.0-8.0 m high
  • Develops dark green leaves consisting of three, as indicated by its name, leaflets which appear late in spring and turn attractive yellow in autumn.
  • Displays inconspicuous green and yellow flowers which are small and gathered in umbels, and produce an exceptionally strong and beautiful aroma; it blooms in June and even young plants display flowers.
  • A melliferous plant, valuable for bee-keeping.
  • Bears numerous fruits which resemble those of elm trees and remain in the bush till spring.
  • All its parts, after pounding,  give strong, extremely pleasant and invigorating lemon scent.
  • Undemanding and resistant to diseases and pests, highly tolerant of shadowed positions but intolerant of replanting, in light soils does not tolerate drought.
  • Totally cold hardy.