Radziejowa PBR

In production:

  • Protected, bred at the Horticulture Experimental Station of the Horticulture Institute in Brzezna, Poland.
  • Moderate grower, bears fruit on two-year shoots.
  • Develops an average number of annual ground and underground shoots; its ground shoots are moderately thick and stiff, the young ones are light green with anthocyanin colouring but the older ones are of brown purple in hue; they develop small short and sparsely placed thorns.
  • Develops loose inflorescences, its fruit bearing shoots are of average length.
  • Gives big conical red berries which are slightly shiny, attractively firm and tasty; rather not susceptible to mechanical damage during transport and harvesting, slightly susceptible to rotting; good for processing and enjoying raw.
  • Bears a crop early, in the second half of June, a week before Laszka variety.