Sinyj Utios
Sinyj Utios
  • Bred at the FGUP Bakcharskoye Rosselhozakademii Research Station, District of Tomsk, by N.V. Savinkova and A.V. Gagarkin.
  • Originated from an open pollinated exclusive Honeysuckle 2-64-32 in 1987.
  • Moderate or vigorous grower with elevated habit.
  • Yields big elongated oval fruits with moderately thick skin which become dark purple when fully ripe and covered with a waxy bloom; an individual fruit weighs 1.6 g (max. 2.6 g); they contain an average amount of seeds, are sweet and tart in taste and aromatic with a nice scent, and score 4.9 on the 0-5 fruit tasting scale; rather transport tolerant; can be enjoyed raw, also good for desserts, cake fillings and preserves .
  • According to observations carried out on our plantation in Muniakowice (Małopolska), the fruit ripening period falls, depending on the weather, from the first to the third week of June.
  • Suitable for both mechanical and manual harvesting; its fruits do not drop off.
  • On average it gives 3.5 kg of fruits from one bush and 11.5 t/ha.
  • In Muniakowice, (in our nursery) since June 2014 and in Bakchar (Siberia), we have conducted annual examinations for the sugar content in the Blue Honeysuckle berries. The maximum sugar content revealed in those tests equalled 14°Bx (Brix).
  • For good cropping, it is recommended to grow several different varieties one to another to enable cross-pollination; it is best to plant varieties flowering at the same time.
  • We hold a licence for propagating it, granted by the “FGUP Bakcharskoye Rosselhozakademii”.
  • Cultivar, protected by a temporary exclusive right, entered in the COBORU Register of cultivars under the number R S963.
  • Protected variety. CPVO – Application Number O S272.