Vostorg (Delight)

(Lonicera caerulea var.kamtschatica)
  • Entered in the State Register of the Russian Federation, 2012.
  • Grows moderately into a bush 180 cm high and 180 cm wide, moderately branched, develops straight skeletal sprouts.
  • Gives broadly spindle-shaped fruits which usually weigh 1.6 g (max 2.8 g), and are even up to 5 cm long, they display blue violet hue with a strong waxy bloom due to which they seem to be blue; they are harmonious in taste, sweet with a slight tart accent; their skin is thick and they leave a dry stem scar, its berries are hard thanks to which they are extremely transport tolerant; they come into ripening at the same time which makes harvesting easier; they are of dessert quality, also good for deep freezing.
  • Gives crop in mid June (Poland); good for mechanical and manual harvesting; its berries rather do not drop off and their harvesting is easy thanks to the habit of the bush and the place where its berries grow. Usually one bush gives 2.5 kg (max 5.5 kg) of berries; on average this variety yields a crop of 8.2 t/ha (max 18.5 t/ha).
  • In Muniakowice, (in our nursery) since June 2014 and in Bakchar (Siberia), we have conducted annual examinations for the sugar content in the Blue Honeysuckle berries. The maximum sugar content revealed in those tests equalled 17°Bx (Brix). For more details – see the table.
  • To get good crops, one should plant several different varieties one next to another (in order to enable cross pollination); the following varieties are especially recommended: ‘Silginka’, ‘Strezhevchanka’, ‘Jugana’, ‘Docz’ Velikana’ and ‘Bakczarskij Velikan’.
  • We possess a license for propagating this variety, granted to us by FGUP Bakcharskoye Rosselhozakademii.