Official delegation from Georgia


Last weekend (9-10 March, 2019) in our nurseries we had a pleasure to entertain an official delegation from Georgia which came to Poland at the invitation of the Board of the Malopolska Province. We were visited by Mr Mamuk Turmanidze, Minister of Agriculture of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, and Mrs Tamara Davitadze.

First, the delegation participated in the 7th Blueberry Conference in Jachranka and on the next day the guests from Georgia came to Krakow, where on Saturday morning in the Centre for Agricultural Advisory Services they took part in a meeting with Łukasz Smółka, Deputy Marshal of the Malopolska Province. The meeting included lectures on growing different species of plants and plant production which were delivered by the guests from the Adjara region (Georgia), Prof. Katarzyna Turnau from the Malopolska Centre for Biotechnology at the Jagiellonian University Faculty of Biology, Krakow, Aldona Meller-Bieniek, PhD, from the Institute of Botany at the Polish Academy of Sciences, Dr Jan Danek from the NIVA Co., and Tadeusz Kusibab, MSc, from the Plantin Co.
Our nurseries were represented by Mr Tadeusz Kusibab who during his presentation entitled In-vitro propagation – the technology of contemporary times and the future discussed in detail that method of propagating plants and presented stages of their production processes in our nurseries.
After a lunch break, the Georgian delegation, representatives of the Malopolska Marshal Office and members of the academic and research circles visited a new laboratory of the Plantin Co. in Krakow and our nurseries.

We would like to thank Krzysztof Jabloński, MSc, Head of the Agriculture Team at the Department of Agriculture and Geodesy at the Marshal Office of the Malopolska Province and Dr Stanisław Flaga for inviting us to join the organization of that event.