In production:

w multiplatach M-90
w multiplatach M-84
w doniczkach P9
  • A patented cultivar, belongs to the Blue Treasure group.
  • Grows vigorously into a well branched, dome-like shrub in shape, up to 150 cm high and 150 cm across.
  • Yields elliptic, spindle-like berries up to 2.5-3.0 cm long, extremely juicy and aromatic; they leave a dry stem scar, mechanical harvesting possible.
  • A moderately late cultivar, its berries ripen from mid-June to mid-July.
  • An individual shrub gives an average yield of 3.6 kg (max 4.5 kg); on average it produces 11.8 t/ha (max 14.8 t/ha).
  • It is advisable to grow several different varieties one next to another to enable cross-pollination, Strawberry Sensation and Giant’s Heart are especially recommended.
  • We hold a license to propagate this variety, granted by the North American Honeyberry Corporation.