Docz Velikana (Giant’s Daughter)

  • Originated at the research station of Bakcharskoye Rosselhozakademii, District of Tomsk, 2009.
  • Grows into a bush 180 cm high and 130 cm across, develops oval habit; its annual sprouts are straight and drooping at their ends.
  • Bears elongated pear-shaped fruits which usually weigh 1.8 g (max 2.5 g), they display dark violet hue but due to a thick layer of wax they seem to be blue; sweet in taste; tolerate transport quite well; its ripe berries are soft, dessert type and good for deep freezing.
  • Gives crop in mid June (Poland); should rather be picked manually but mechanical harvesting also possible; their harvesting elongated in time, berries quite firmly stay in the bush but can be easily shaken off. Generally one bush gives 3.1 kg (max 5.2 kg) of berries; on average this variety yields a crop of 10.2 t/ha (max 17.2 t/ha).
  • In Muniakowice, (in our nursery) since June 2014 and in Bakchar (Siberia), we have conducted annual examinations for the sugar content in the Blue Honeysuckle berries. The maximum sugar content revealed in those tests equalled 16°Bx (Brix).
  • In order to get abundant crops, several different varieties should be planted one next to another (to enable cross pollination); the following varieties are especially recommended: ‘Strezhevchanka’, ‘Vostorg’ and ‘Bakcharskij Velikan’.
  • We possess a license for propagating this variety, granted to us by FGUP Bakcharskoye Rosselhozakademii.