In production:

w multiplatach M-84
w multiplatach M-40
w doniczkach P9
  • The variety was bred by Niwa Berry Plant Breeding.
  • Early variety, floricane.
  • Strong, thornless stems.
  • The fruit is large, shiny, sweet, tasty with a forest taste. The fruit does not have a tart and sour taste, even if it is not fully ripe. Very good firmness and shelflife. Fruits are not very susceptible to blackberry color reversal. Average weight 7.2 g, max 10.5 g, 12% Brix.
  • In open ground ripens in mid-July, under covers in the second half of June.
  • Observations indicate a lower susceptibility to redberry mite (Acelitus essigi) and blackberry anthracnose.
  • Dessert variety.
  • Suitable for cultivation in tunnel for early harvesting.