Rosa rugosa x Rosa pomifera

In production:

  • A Slovak cross by origin.
  • Grows into a bush up to 2.0 m high and across, developing a broad, wide-stretching and well-branched habit.
  • Its stems are erect or arched and covered with numerous massive or small and short thorns.
  • Develops shiny green leaves which turn yellow in autumn and become captivating.
  • Displays dark pink half-full flowers which are from 5.0-10.0 cm across, give a strong and pleasant aroma, and are melliferous and encourage bees to visit them.
  • Boasts a long period of blooming and repeats it, thanks to which displays flowers from May till autumn.
  • Produces edible, spherical fruits about 2.0cm across which are at first light green then orange in hue and turn red when ripe, and stay in the bush till late autumn; they are rich in vitamin C and recommended for rose preserves, teas, wines and liqueurs.
  • Resistant to diseases and pollution, recommended for thorny hedges and for growing on slopes.