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w doniczkach P9
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w doniczkach C 1,5
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  • Originated in Australia.
  • Grows into a compact shrub with semi-erect habit, 1.5-1.8 m high.
  • Self-fertile, displays pale pink flowers which hang down from erect clusters.
  • ‘Denise Blue’ bears fruits of intense blue colour and sweet-acidic flavour; its berries are 1.4 cm long and 1.9 cm across and on average weigh 1.8 g, they have a dry pedicel scar and can be kept even 2 weeks in the fridge.
  • ‘Denise Blue’ ripens one week after ‘Bluecrop’, easy for picking up; high-yielding – up to 8 kg per shrub.
  • Boasts good resistance to anthracnose and other fungal diseases.
  • Cold hardiness -34°C (USDA zone 4).