Glen Ample PBR

  • One of the most promising raspberry varieties; licensed, bred by the Scottish Crop Research Institute in Dundee.
  • A vigorous grower with thornless, stiff, straight canes; develops berries on biennial canes.
  • Manifests average fruiting behaviour and has a considerably long harvesting time, easy to pick since its fruits are well visible on the bush.
  • Yields large, firm and succulent berries which weigh 4.0–6.0 g; they are ball cone-shaped, light red in hue, slightly pruinose, and attractive and aromatic.
  • A high yielding variety with good quality fruits; according to its producer it can give a crop of 7–10 t/ha.
  • Excellent for the fresh fruit market and for preserves (good for deep-freezing), rather transport tolerant, mechanical harvesting possible.
  • This variety boasts the A1 gene which gives resistance to two types of plant lice (Amphorophora idaei).
  • Authorised for sale in the EU, but in the case of orders to Spain and Portugal each time a permission of the James Hutton Limited, the license holder, is required.