Groovy (Jdeboer005PBR)

In production:

  • A raspberry variety with attractive yellow and green leaves.
  • Develops thornless canes which grow up to 100-150 cm high.
  • Its leaves are attractive and light yellow and green in hue and in shape typical of the species; contrary to other plants with yellowish leaves they do not get burned by excessive sun exposure.
  • Gives medium size brightly red fruits which are tasty, juicy, sweet and aromatic; bears fruits from the end of June till September.
  • Produces fruits on annual canes which should be hard pruned to ground level in early spring.
  • Prefers sunny and fertile positions.
  • Thanks to its attractive contrasting combination of yellow and green leaves and red fruits it can be grown in pots in courtyards or on terraces or balconies.
  • Cold hardy down to -35oC.