Poranna Rosa PBR

Rubus idaeus L.
  • Yellow raspberry.
  • Bred in The Fruit Experiment Station in Brzezna, Poland.
  • Medium growth, 1.5 m high. Stiff canes with thin wax coating, very thorny. Can be grown without trailers.
  • Desert cultivar, yellow or orange, a little shiny, big, almost ball-shaped, the drupelets are strongly attached to the receptacle, compact, firm, very tasty berry.
  • Bearing fruits late, from the first days of September till first frost. Fruits good for transportation and storage.
  • Low susceptibility to grey mould and anthracnose, good for ecological cultivation.
  • Canes and buds can be damaged by frost.
  • COBORU – 28.01.2002, nr S 427; CPVO – Application & Right granted File No. S75.