Rubus L. subg. Rubus
  • Bred in 2007 by John Clark, the American grower from the Scientific University of Arkansas.
  • A thornless blackberry variety recommended for the fresh fruit market.
  • Grows extremely vigorously, its canes are thornless and become even 5 m in length but require heavy pruning and supports.
  • Develops light green leaves which are hairy on their bottom sides.
  • Blooms at the end of May displaying large white flowers with 5-6 petals.
  • Bears large, elongated, cylindrical fruits which weigh more than 9 g, they are almost black in hue and shiny, and boast a high content of sugars and good flavour; when fully ripe they do well on canes and do not drop off for long; an extremely yielding variety, develops fruits abundantly, they are transport tolerant and retain attractive look and good fragrance for two weeks.
  • An early variety (its berries ripen at the end of June) – starts ripening ten days earlier than ‘Lochness’ and its ripening period may even last six weeks.
  • Recommended for cultivation in warmer regions since it is rather not cold hardy.
  • Shows good resistance to diseases and pests.
  • A patented variety (CPVO – Application Number 20091955).