• Bred at the University of Arkansas, 2009. Early cropping variety, gives fruits earlier than ‘Reuben’, its yield most frequently obtained on annual canes.
  • Develops upright growth habit with erect canes which makes pruning and harvesting easier; however, they are slightly prickly.
  • Displays white, delicately pink, self-pollinating flowers.
  • Bears shiny deep black, long and oval fruits with firm flesh which are sweet, juicy and transport tolerant; on average individual fruit weighs 6-7 g.
  • Bears fruits on both annual and biennial canes; crops on biennial canes can be harvested already in June, those on annual canes appear in mid-July; fruits till ground frost in autumn.
  • Prefers sunny positions; soil undemanding but gives better crops in rich and well drained soils.
  • Resistant to diseases, cold hardy.
  • Licensed cultivar.