Painted Purple

In production:

  • Bred by Hans Hachmann in 2016.
  • Grows moderately developing a broad, bushy and elevated habit, and within ten years becomes 100 cm high and 120 cm across.
  • Develops dark green shiny leaves which are 10-12 cm long.
  • Displays almost flat saucer shape flowers which are broadly open and become up to 10 cm across, they are two-coloured – on the petal rims dark burgundy in hue which gradually becomes brightly white in throats with visible dark red veins; moreover, their upper petals are adorned with a large red and brown blotch which often turns into an orange or yellow-green shade on their rims; its flowers contain 6-7 petals, their crowns are undulating on their rims; develops large inflorescences, 18-19 cm across.
  • Blooms at the beginning of May.
  • Cold hardy down to -22°C.