In production:

  • A valued Ukrainian variety.
  • Grows vigorously, developing an elevated loose opening habit; its annual canes are strong and boast thorns, they grow up to 1.2 m high; 1.5 m spacings between plants in a row recommended.
  • Bears medium-sized fruits, dark green in colour which turn dark violet over time, with a delicate shiny smooth skin without hairs, extremely tasty.
  • A considerably early variety, ripens at the beginning of July, about 4-5 days before White Triumph.
  • Gives regular and abundant crops.
  • Good for home gardens and commercial plantations; mechanical harvesting possible (elevated canes).
  • Significantly resistant to the American gooseberry mildew, but rather moderately resistant to the currant foliar anthracnose (leaf blight) .
  • Cold hardy.