Spine Free

Ribes uva-crispa

In production:

  • An American thornless variety of gooseberry.
  • A considerably vigorous grower with a wide-spreading habit; grows up to 1.2 m high; 1.5 m spacings between plants in a row recommended.
  • Most young shoots are spineless or covered with a small number of individual spines. On older shoots, the spines are mostly reduced.
  • Bears large oval fruits with thick dark red skin, they do not crack and are covered with few hairs;  its berries are sweet, slightly tart with a winey flavour, their pulp is gelatinous and contains a lot of seeds.
  • High yielding, commences fruit bearing at the end of June and at the beginning of July.
  • Can be enjoyed raw, good for preserves or deep freezing.
  • Rather not susceptible to American gooseberry mildew or the leaf anthracnosis; boasts considerable health.
  • Prefers soils with a slightly acidic or neutral pH, gives best crops in fertile soils, prefers sunny positions.
  • Totally cold hardy (down to -32°C).