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  • Launched by the American company Blueberry Farms and Nurseries from Oregon.
  • Yields light blue berries which are large (Ø17-20mm), firm and more compact than those at ‘Draper’ and can be kept in a cooler environment for long-term storage.
  • After harvesting, the fruit retains its high quality for a long time. They tolerate transport well – making them suitable for trade. The fruits of this variety are also suitable for processing and freezing.
  • The ripening period in the US falls in the second half of July and lasts until the end of July. It ripens 5-7 days later than Duke and a few days earlier than Draper.
  • The variety is suitable for mechanical harvesting.
  • The variety is highly suitable for commercial cultivation, is characterized by high productivity and a better fruit flavor compared to the blueberry varieties popular in cultivation so far.
  • Chilling time at least 1000 hours at the temperature below 7°C.
  • Protected variety.