Valley Rose

Pieris japonica 'Valley Rose'

In production:

  • Grows into an evergreen bush, displays ornamental flowers.
  • Boasts a compact habit, after ten years becomes up to 0.6 m high and 1.0m across.
  • Produces shiny dark green leaves, its young shoots are light green.
  • Blooms rather shortly but profusely at the end of April and at the beginning of May; its flowers are dark pink in buds and open to light pink in hue; at their bases they are almost white and gathered in numerous, long (about 12-14 cm), drooping, top, panicle-like inflorescences which in winter time become brown-red.
  • Prefers sheltered, half-shaded or sunny positions in acidic, moderately wet and humus soils.
  • In Polish climatic conditions NOT totally hardy, recommended for planting in warmer regions of the country and cultivation under winter covers.