In production:

  • A thornless gooseberry with red berries, one of the most yielding gooseberry varieties.
  • Grows vigorously up to 1 m high; 100-120 cm spacings between plants grown in a row recommended.
  • On older shrubs, most young shoots are thornless or covered with a small number of individual thorns. Biennial shoots and shoots usually have reduced thorns. In the initial stage of growth, young seedlings have thorns, which disappear as the bush grows and are mostly reduced.
  • Produces medium-sized red berries which are aromatic, extremely sweet and long lasting in a bush; their skin is smooth with no hairs; at first they are green and with time turn red.
  • An early variety, its fruits ripen at the end of June and at the beginning of July; gives regular crops.
  • Considerably resistant to powdery mildew, clod hardy.