Pieris japonica 'Sarabande'

In production:

  • An evergreen, slow growing bush; displays ornamental flowers, its young sprouts are not so attractive.
  • Develops a compact and spherical habit, after ten years becomes up to 0.6 m across and high.
  • Develops matt light green leaves which are cream-coloured on their rims and their main veins are also vividly cream-coloured; its young sprouts are reddish and quite quickly turn green in hue.
  • Blooms profusely and for long at the end of April and at the beginning of May; displays dozens of white flowers, gathered in numerous and well branched top panicles.
  • Prefers sour, moderately wet soils and sunny or half-shaded positions.
  • Its young plants are NOT totally cold hardy and require winter coverings in the first years of cultivation; prefers sheltered positions.