Strawberry (Fragaria ×ananassa Duchesne) – a well-known plant to everyone, a cross of two wild strawberry varieties from the family of the Rosacease (Rosaceae Juss.)

Its fruits due to their low caloric value (6-9%) and the content of bromelain are recommended to diabetics and those who watch their figure. Strawberries contain many vitamins, including vitamin C, whose content in them is greater than that in citruses (66 mg/100 g)! They are also rich in organic salts improving metabolism, and calcium and phosphorus elements strengthening human bones and teeth. Strawberries support a fight against rheumatic and arthritic diseases and have diuretic properties. Thanks to their high content of iron, they protect the human body against anaemia, strengthen it and positively affect the natural colour, texture and appearance of the skin and hair.